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Premiere date: January 31 2020

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Tha God Fahim Lost Kingz mp3 songs list:

1. Iron Fist

2. Running On E

3. Blade Fordge (feat. Mach-Hommy)

4. Play Ground Legend (feat. Mach-Hommy)

5. Renowned

6. A Breath Of Winter

7. Stay Fly

8. Scarlett Murder (feat. Vinnie Paz)

9. Life After

10. Cash Rulez

Recognized regarding remarkable lyricism and streetwise wordplay established to be able to messy spirit and also jazz loops, Atlanta native Tha God Fahim has defied expectations regarding hip-hop from his metropolis, and his / her steady flow associated with end result is constantly on the pull attention. Just a few decades into his / her job, the talented emcee/producer has released more than 100 projects, establishing himself as one of the most prolific artists within gangster rap today. Despite his / her quickly developing market, Tha The almighty Fahim continues to be a great enigma, releasing little backdrop information as well as maintaining an oxygen associated with secret about themself. Right now, Dynamics Seems will be proud presenting Misplaced Kingz, a whole new record from Tha The almighty Fahim featuring Mach-Hommy and also Vinnie Paz, plus creation through DJ Muggs, The Builder, C-Lance, as well as Fahim themself.

Tha God Fahim, hard nosed gangster rap mystic, arises from Atlanta, however just like his frequent collaborators Mach-Hommy as well as your Outdated Droog, he creates a hazy as well as insular type of Ny boom-bap in the 90s. And also he functions hard. Scarcely a month and a half back, Tha The almighty Fahim became a member of forces along with experienced producer Cypress Mountain, DJ Muggs, in order to launch the collaborative venture Dump Assassins. And prior to the conclusion of the month, Tha Lord Fahim will release a fresh LP, a single perform referred to as Dropped Kingz.

These days, Tha Lord Fahim was released together with “Iron Fist”, the actual opening monitor and the very first single through Misplaced Kingz. Working when about the slow flying percussion of DJ Muggs and also the strange echoes from the song, Fahim acquires equal philosophical and also challenging parts: “In the terrain of free, in the house of the servant and I got myself a good Armalite rifle just to choose the particular evaluate. It’s an awesome, immersive piece from the rapper who’s been shredding upwards recently.

In director Adam Rush’s movie, Fahim would wear any Winner crew-neck jumper and lots of precious metal. It attacks within slow motion via confuses associated with smoke cigarettes as well as displays alongside the particular train monitors. He seems extremely cool. Observe that beneath.

Tha The almighty Fahim is really a ALL OF US rapper and producer presently exercising of Atl, GA.

Also known as the Eliminate Gawd as well as the 100 Tape Legend, Fahim has regularly create venture right after project since first on its way on to the particular subterranean landscape within 2015 along with his mp3 “Shadows Over Nazereth”. This was not right up until produces just like TGIF, Darkish Shogunn Vols. 1 as well as 2, and also the Money Menus collection, which Fahim might begin to end up being talked about simply by hip hop brain — whether it be negative or good.

Earlier Life

Although their loved ones is from Chi town, Fahim came to be within Ohio, and would certainly proceed forward and backward all through their years as a child and teenage life in between Chicago, il as well as Atlanta — also living in Co for a time. This individual at present repetitions Atlanta, GA. According to an meeting with the Reporter Sinseer, Fahim very first found myself in producing through a group from Chicago, il called The particular Freshmen who would provide him or her tips on creation which usually he would take note coming from any time wanting to develop his or her own sound.


The majority of, otherwise all, associated with Fahim’s projects tend to be self-released through Fahim’s bandcamp. And also although labeling like Low Technology, Daupe! yet others have got hard pressed vinyls regarding his releases, this was not till 2019 whenever he would officially discharge something using a label. This was his / her record “Star Truth” – which arrived on the scene through Effiscienz.

Afterwards which identical year, Fahim would fall “Dump Assassins” a complete length LP collaboration along with experienced maker DJ Muggs, by means of his or her own label Spirit Assassins.

Within 2020, Fahim decreased “Lost Kingz” — his next outside opportunity, now dealing with Dynamics Seems.

Get rid of Group

Fahim functions substantially along with Mach-Hommy aswell since maker Camoflauge Monk and in addition artists in the Get rid of camping for example JuJu Gotti, Kungg Fuu, Heem Stogied, Smoke, Anibus, and more not too long ago Stack Skrilla and The writer Good.


Early inside their job, any time he or she has been still working in the particular barber store, Fahim might satisfy Buffalo NY rapper Westside Gunn who however ultimately build a camaraderie together with. When Fahim required any trip home eventually, this ended up that they had been nearby neighbours. Fahim might go on to produce a few important joints for that Griselda mind (“Bon Jovi”, “Fukk (Stan Smiths)” and also “King City”) however after having a argument along with GxFR they will eventually wound up falling out. Although they’ve got given that reconciled no collabs appear to be future. Despite the beef, it had been in fact through Westside Gunn which Fahim in fact achieved their most popular collaborator Mach-Hommy.

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