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Consequently, physicians should carefully evaluate patients for history of drug abuse and follow such patients closely, observing them for signs of misuse or abuse of venlafaxine (e.g., development of tolerance, incrementation of dose, drug-seeking behaviour). Discontinuing Venlafaxine When discontinuing venlafaxine after more than 1 week of therapy, it is generally recommended that the dose be tapered gradually to minimize the risk of discontinuation symptoms. Discontinuation symptoms have been assessed both in patients with depression and in those with GAD.

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  • Celecoxib: (Moderate) Platelet aggregation may be impaired by venlafaxine due to platelet serotonin depletion, possibly increasing the risk of a bleeding complication (e.g., gastrointestinal bleeding, ecchymoses, epistaxis, hematomas, petechiae, hemorrhage) in patients receiving nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
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