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Additional information about the drug Nitrofurazone

Nitrofurazone ( INN, trade name Furacin ) is an antimicrobial organic compound belonging to the furan class.
1 Medical Uses
1.1 Human Use
1.2 Animal Use
2 Pharmacokinetics
3 Adverse Effects
4 Contraindications
5 Toxicities
6 References
Medical Uses
Drugstore-made ~400 mL aqueous solution of Furacilin (nitrofural), 1 : 5000 (0.2 mg/mL or 0.02%), ready for topical use.
Human Use
Nitrofurazone was previously available as a prescription in the U.S., and was indicated as a topical solution, topical cream, or topical ointment for the treatment of bacterial skin infections, wounds, burns, and ulcers. Nitrofurazone is still very popular as a topical solution for the treatment of tonsillitis in Russia.
Animal Use
Nitrofurazone is indicated for topical use in dogs, cats, and horses, for the treatment or prophylactic treatment of superficial bacterial infections, burns, and cutaneous ulcers.
The mechanism of action is not fully understood, but nitrofurazone’s antimicrobial properties are suspected to be due to the interference of DNA synthesis in the microorganism by inhibiting certain enzymes that are involved with glycolysis.
The metabolism of topically applied nitrofurazone is thought to be by 5-nitro reduction and cleavage of the -CH=N- linkage to generate a reactive species which can covalently bond to cellular macromolecules, none of the end products are thought to be antimicrobial.
Adverse Effects
Adverse effects for topical use are generally mild and include, erythema, pruritis, dermatitis, rash, edema or inflammation.
People with renal insufficiency and large total body surface area (TBSA) burns should not use nitrofurazone, as topical preparations commonly contain polyethylene glycol, which is readily absorbed through the skin. Rapid absorption of the medication induces increased serum osmolalities and anion gap, leading to death.
Nitrofurans have been found in honey, meat and seafood. In people who have glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G-6-PD deficiency), ingestion of fish, poultry, or other foodstuff that has been treated with nitrofurans, will likely suffer from hemolysis of red blood cells as a result of eating the contaminated food.
Nitrofurazone is suspected to be a human carcinogen, and is included in California Proposition 65.

Buy Nitrofurazone Online Uk

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