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Nitrofurazone ( INN, trade name Furacin ) is an antimicrobial organic compound belonging to the furan class.
1 Medical Uses
1.1 Human Use
1.2 Animal Use
2 Pharmacokinetics
Redox Oxidation can be improved with simply increasing the circulation and oxygen content or for more drastic measures adding Potassium Permanganate can increase your aquarium or ponds Redox oxidation properties quite quickly.Treatment in Coldwater can be difficult as many treatments are not as effective below 65 degrees F. Also Nitrofurazone, which is one of the treatments of choice in coldwater is less effective at the higher pH most coldwater fish prefer.

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  • In this study, we aimed to evaluate the effects of nitrofurazone, 1% silver sulfadiazine, and povidone-iodine on skin graft healing.
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