Build Item Uranus – Hero tanks are very useful in android MOBA games, as they can provide a stronger defense for their team. If the hero tank uses a build item that fits him, then he can be more useful to break up opponent formations in team battles.

There is good news for lovers of Mobile Legend, the article a few days ago this game re-present the latest hero. ML recently introduced the latest hero named Uranus. This latest Hero entered in the category of tanks, and the role is in accordance with the posture and ability.

Uranus is a powerful Tank hero inside Mobile Legends. It has an extraordinary HP regeneration can be great, thanks to the passive skill that it has. With this great HP regeneration, then he should not be afraid to die when opening war between teams.

When the hero is attacked continuously, then the attack will make the skill stronger. His skill is very suitable for Tank hero like him. In addition, the latest Mobile Legends hero also has a ulti with a good crowd control. Even claimed Uranus including one of the heroes who have ulti, with the strongest crowd control in Mobile Legend.

Hero Tank like this requires items that can improve his great skill-skills. Then build the following Uranus Mobile Legend items, can be used as a reference for players who want to try this new hero.


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